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                       Telerehab/Telehealth has arrived!


Thanks to tech, I've been able to help people in cyberspace via online Case Consultation, Rehabilitation, Training!


To my surprise this forum has worked better than expected, so even when I re-open my office again (post-covid19 lockdown), I will keep this option available.


People who have seen and practiced with my #PBS series can now jump online and join me, no matter where they live.  

No excuses!  You can now deal with injuries, train to move better and feel better, to develop abilities and athletic longevity, and to improve quality of life from the comfort of your home. Why not reclaim your movement and keep training to promote profound positive effects on every parameter of your health?


Some Great Advantages:

You don’t have to drive to an appointment. You don’t have to stress in traffic. You can do it from anywhere in the world.  You can learn to use things that you have at home (office, hotel, etc) as tools.  Plus, though your environment and daily physical habits/challenges can be described very well when at an in-person office visit, I can clearly see it when we do virtual sessions.  


Give it a few tries, once you become familiar with the medium, you may find that you can make good progress and get good care.  Scheduling, information, session, and payment can all be easily done online. 



Options To Fit Your Needs: 


Case Consultation:

History, assessment, and guidance through movements and strategies that get you back on track post-injury.

*Same fee as office visit.


Ongoing Private Online Sessions:

You can train your way out of injuries.  You can train via a customized session, specific to your needs and what you want to achieve. Develop and sustain the ability to do what you love to do. Your body adapts to whatever you are doing.  You can influence how it functions. 

*Same fee as office visit. 




Group Online Sessions:

Join in!  Build an integrated supple armor, build a good foundation, practice good movement mechanics, move better and feel better. NOTE:  Group classes are meant for people who can self-monitor.  If you need individual attention or are injured, definitely go with a private case consult. 

Group classes $20.00/class or donation-based, so that anyone can participate during shelter-in-place. 

I don’t want anyone who really wants to join group class, but has financial constraints, to miss out, even post-shelter-in-place.  So, if you can’t make payment, donate what you can.  


Schedule appointments through email:

Payment is via Paypal

Check out Allaire Back Fitness on Patreon for streamable classes! 

This training is one of the best things you can do for your health. 

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!

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