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Update!  All of the content in the PBS series season 2 (DVDs for season 2) is now streamable on Patreon Allaire Back Fitness.  

(DVDs are no longer in production.)


The Allaire Back Fitness (independently produced/grassroots/labor of love) series (seasons 1 and 2) and DVDs provide a movement introduction, a primer.  #publichealth


If you have been mostly sedentary, have neglected various chronic dings and injuries.  If you need a re-visit to the basics, a re-centering, re-structuring of your foundation, this is one way to do it. If you want to embark on a self-paced re-integration journey, this is one way to do it.  


As you learn, practice, train, you develop an integrated foundation of strength and mobility, better understanding of movement acquisition and mechanics that seamlessly dovetail with everything and anything else you want to do.

Allaire Back Fitness content adapts and morphs to blend the best of evidence-informed modern bioscience and rehabilitation/conditioning with tried and true traditional concepts from a variety of genres.

The series and DVDs, obviously, capture a moment in time, however, the  principles still apply.  They lead you through a process of strength, mobility building, brain/body connectivity, resilience.  You can take those gains and apply them to any endeavor, any other type of class, better quality of life.  


Exercise positively influences every single parameter of health: bone, muscle, brain, mood, immunity, etc. 


You can’t go wrong if you:


1. Learn good movement mechanics

2. Expand movement literacy

3. Understand progression and to ramp up, ramp down, and modify to prioritize different parameters, to address what is relevant at any particular time for you.  It’s about your needs, goals… context. 

4. Develop an integrated foundation, a supple armor to support your joints.

5. Re-visit basics and cross train

6. Move often

7.  Have a good health care team in your corner.  Find helpful therapeutic, supportive care.

8.  Recovery: sleep, eat well, self-care

9.  Breathe awareness and practice

10. Build ability, resilience 


(As you know, I practice what I teach.  I do variations of Allaire Back Fitness without fail for my own athletic longevity, for quality of life, to thrive in my work and to keep dancing.)  #52yearoldmoverandcounting



Covid era telehealth:  Besides the PBS series and DVDs, I’m currently teaching classes via Zoom (these are more challenging classes, so suggest you join after completing the DVD series). 











This DVD set, which includes all 26 public broadcast television episodes,

is now streamable and available via Allaire Back Fitness on Patreon! 

In this series each workout stands alone, as opposed to the sequential format used in Season 1.

The workouts are beginner/intermediate level, but modifications are given throughout the program, which allows you to customize the level of difficulty for each workout.

You will need: a stability ball, a mat and a foam roller, yoga blocks, bottles of water, soup cans, belts, and half foam rollers are optional. 

11 Hours of Workout taped in 2010. Includes new information.

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