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Copenhagen Adductor Exercise Video

September 05, 2018

Full video here:




People have been asking me about the Copenhagen adductor exercise. As usual, good form and ramping up slowly = most important. Depending on your needs, ability, it's a fine exercise to add to a well-rounded program.

*You can hold position or do reps of raising the bottom leg to stabilized top leg.


**If you have shoulder problems, seek appropriate therapy/rehab

before doing any planks.


Ramp up slowly
Proper pre-activation
Direction of force



Train well, move well, be well











Poor conditioning often preceeds and exacerbates back pain and disability

January 01, 2018

An intelligent exercise program that includes stability, mobility, and targets your core (or trunk) and postural muscles is essential for the long-term health of your back.


Most people who suffer from back pain have well-defined dysfunctional musculoskeletal patterns. These dysfunctional patterns are often present years before any soft tissue (herniated disks, adhesions, etc.) or structural problems (osteoarthritis) become symptomatic.


The old stand-by reasons for back pain (herniated discs, etc.) are no longer considered  the primary culprits in most back pain.  The pervasive culprits are the long-term predictable combinations of weak and tight muscle groups, uncoordinated motion, instability, etc.  that create poor function and provide a catalyst for a myriad of acute and chronic back problems.  (In other words, poor musculoskeletal patterns precede and exacerbate the conditions most people associate with back pain and disability.)


Exercise is powerful.  Your body will adapt to whatever demands you place on it. A well-designed exercise program can help you replace dysfunctional patterns with healthier ones.  Allaire Back Fitness techniques and exercise progressions will give you a safe, effective and efficient workout.  The exercises on these DVDs focus on the achievement of specific back health and fitness goals  while being mindful of alignment, posture, joint angles and reinforcement of healthy movement patterns (to name a few important parameters).  Practiced regularly, these programs can influence your health immeasurably. 


Start today and reap the rewards:


  • decrease injuries and flare-ups, 

  • improve your performance

  • in everyday and sports activities,

  • experience ease of movement,

  • comfort and resilience. 

Workout with me and experience the difference!

Train well, Move well, Be well


Dr. Lisa Allaire 

Press Release

One of the Bay Area’s Best Kept Secrets Hits the Airwaves

San Mateo chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Allaire, owner of Allaire Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, launches Allaire Back Fitness Season 2 on public television stations.


Her mission is to help you move better and feel better.. Dr. Allaire teaches exercises that are specifically designed to help you avoid, or recover from, back pain and disability.


Why is the program so powerful? The techniques and progressions are developed from sound biomechanical and evidence-infomed  principles, as well as Dr. Allaire’s vast teaching experience.


You can find Dr. Allaire teaching her live back fitness class at Peninsula Ballet Theatre in San Mateo. They are small group classes attended by  people from all walks of life: professional wrestlers, martial artists, dancers, new moms, weekend warriors and desk jockeys. In short, people recovering from back pain and people who want to prevent it. They attend class to feel better, to perform better, and to improve their strength, stability, mobility, and resilience.

The television broadcast of Allaire Back Fitness will give people who are searching for a solution to back pain and disability (80% in our society!) a way to start creating a healthier back-right in their living room!


Whether it’s in her clinic, a private rehabilitation session, her small group classes, or seminars, Dr. Allaire has dedicated her career to teaching people about back health and fitness She practices what she teaches. She states that she absolutely takes the time to do the exercises in her program because they provide her with a great foundation for her active lifestyle.

Allaire Back Fitness Promo

Chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Allaire, has reassuring news: back pain and disability can be prevented and, with the right plan, can be reversed.

According to Dr. Allaire (and recent research), most people can achieve back health without pharmaceuticals or surgery. Training healthy body mechanics is key to moving better and feeling better. These changes will improve your ease of movement, resilience, and quality of life.

She offers workshops that facilitate an understanding of the multi-factorial nature of back pain and why it requires a multi-factorial solution. By taking quizzes and examining lifestyles, participants will pinpoint obvious (trauma, degeneration, etc.) and not-so-obvious (dysfunctional joint/muscles relationships, stress, poor reflex synchronization, poor movement mechanics/habits, bad posture, etc.) that contribute to back pain and disability.

She discusses the pros and cons of various therapeutic approaches.. Dr. Allaire has dedicated her career to helping people achieve back health and fitness. Discover a path to an able  lifestyle, perform better in sport, participate in activities you love, and create robust back health.

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