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  • What makes these programs different?
    A. The quality of the program. The exercises, techniques, and progressions are specifically designed to develop strength and mobility, to build an integrated supple armor that supports your spine/joints/activities, to practice good movement mechanics. B. The instructor. Dr. Lisa Allaire, a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist, created this program to help people avoid, or recover from, pain and disability and to develop athletic longevity to do whatever you love, to positively influence your health and quality of life.
  • What size ball is right for you?
  • How can I host a class or seminar?
    Please contact me at for information about scheduling class.
  • Which series is right for me?
    Order the season that you saw on PBS and that prompted your interest! The seasons complement each other, so either way, you will develop a healthier back!
  • Can I attend a live class?
    Sure! Check out my current class schedule. Please note: if you are a novice mover or are currently experiencing pain and disability, you may need to begin with a few private in-office sessions before joining the small group class.
  • Why isn't there music playing during the exercises?
    I purposely decided against using background music during the exercise segments. Exercising to music is fun (I use it when I run), but it can also be a distraction. The purpose of this program is to reinforce healthy movement patterns, focus on technique, and cultivate body awareness. You get more out of these exercises when you can concentrate on the instruction and your experience of the movement. I didn't want music to get in the way of your focus and progress.
  • Does stress affect my back?
    Back pain (pain in general) is often multi-factorial. Stress can trigger or exacerbate back pain. It is a common contributing factor to back pain, but it is rarely the only factor. Luckily, exercise is a great stress-buster.
  • Should I wear shoes when I'm doing the workouts?
    Barefoot training helps your feet develop more awareness, strength, and suppleness which informs the rest of your body. It's your choice, but give barefoot training a whirl.
  • The exercises are more challenging than I expected , how can I modify the exercises?"
    Excellent question! Every exercise in the DVD has a basic form. I suggest that you practice the basic form until you feel comfortable with it. Don't worry about completing a specific number of repetitions, just focus on doing each repetition correctly. You could practice each basic form for 2-4 reps with rest between each set. When you feel comfortable with the basic movements, move to the more challenging variations and/or increase the number of reps. It's a good idea to practice the form and movement pattern and then incrementally add challenges (load, speed, etc). Progression is important...add one thing at time and practice well before you up the challenge. Example: You could practice walking out into the plank and holding. You don't need to add the push ups or any of the other variations until you are ready.
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