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The Allaire Back Fitness programs present innovative and evidence informed training that directly address pain and dysfunction. These programs are specifically designed to help you move better, feel better, and build robust resilience.

Teaching in Tokyo 

One of my greatest satisfactions is to help people develop capacities, to be able, to practice sustainable fitness.  I'm not anti-aging.  I'm anti-unnecessary decrepitude... and I'm in your corner. 


I created Allaire Back Fitness to give you a powerful way to develop fundamental physical changes that will transform your health...and quality of life.  

Classes are based on my clinical and teaching experience, research, and academic training.  The programs continuously adapt and morph to reflect new information.  #evidenceinformed 

The entire program is based on a purposeful approach to integrated (whole body) conditioning and improvement of movement mechanics and habits. 

There is no doubt that intelligent exercise is essential for long-term health. 


You can  reverse the typical triggers and deficiencies that lead to pain and build a robust, resilient, and integrated foundation that will support your body and develop your capabilities. 

        Take care of your body, it's the only place

                       you have to live!



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