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The Allaire Back Fitness programs present innovative and evidence informed training that directly address pain and dysfunction. These programs are specifically designed to help you move better and feel better with special focus on development of a resilient and healthy back.

Teaching in Tokyo 

One of my greatest satisfactions is helping people learn how to move better and feel better.   


I created Allaire Back Fitness to give you a powerful way to develop fundamental physical changes that will transform your health...and life.


I have spent years developing the approach to training (exercises, progressions, and techniques) presented in the Allaire Back Fitness programs.

They are based on my clinical and teaching experience, research, and academic training.  The programs continuously adapt and morph to reflect new information.

The entire program is based on a purposeful approach to integrated (whole body) conditioning and improvement of movement mechanics and habits, with special focus on spine/joint health. 

There is no doubt that intelligent exercise is essential for long-term back health. In fact, most back pain is accompanied by characteristic patterns of poor fitness, poor brain/body integration, and poor basic movement patterns.  


You can  reverse the typical triggers and deficiencies that lead to back pain and reinforce healthier patterns that help you prevent these problems.

Make that commitment and train with me. You will feel the difference.

Move better, feel better!

Lisa Allaire, DC

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"Allaire Back Fitness Boot Camp 

is easy to use, nicely produced, 

and most of all, effective!"

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Internationally Known
Author, Lecturer, &
Women's Health Specialist